First impression? She's that cool chick every girl wants to be, every guy wants to be with. Her style is fly, her personality engaging and sweet; and as you get a little closer, her beauty cuts right through you. But there's something very different about this artist, an essence that's more complicated as you look deeper: Don't let the sweetness fool you.

Behind those innocent eyes is cool steel pulled from the fire—determined, focused and wise beyond her years—a blade sheathed in silk. The quality and style of her voice and moves are as cool and unique as the rest of her. Her talent hits you in the face, taunts you, pulls you out of your seat and pushes you back down… and all the while, she's still the cool chick that everybody wants to be and be with.

Tempered into star quality perfection in the hot, cutting edge of Atlantic City's nightlife, her new record project has the industry air crackling and the buzz is rolling into a full-scale quake.

The beginning.
-- Natasha

As a little girl, this R&B powerhouse locked herself in the bathroom with a "broken down karaoke machine" and sang the songs of her idols, Whitney, Mýa, Aaliyah and Beyoncé. Today, she is stepping forward as a unique talent and creative force all of her own creation—and very much to be reckoned with.

The quiet town of Galloway, New Jersey, which lies on the fringes of Atlantic City, was quiet no more when Natasha, at the age of five, discovered her powerful singing voice while skipping across her parents' front lawn. "I sang, 'I Will Always Love You,' all day long. It's when I realized I could be a singer, too, just like the other artists I admired, if I worked hard enough." In the family living room, in front of the TV, she developed her alluring dance style from the best: Usher and Michael Jackson.

It happened so fast.
-- Natasha

One moment, she was a 16-year-old high school student singing in her friend's father's recording studio, when famed record producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins just happened to stop by. He was instantly moved by what he heard. "He asked me, 'Can you dance?' and I said, 'sure.' The next thing I knew I was recording my first two singles, and signing a record contract with Jive Records. It went from a dream to reality just like that."

Her first release and music video was "Hey Hey Hey," followed by "So Sick." Her third video single, "Sidekick", (written by Cynthia Lissette & Tawana "Frankie Storm" Dabney) immediately charted and today has more than three million views on YouTube.

"I learned so much during those early times," Natasha says. "It taught me that you have to work very hard for everything. And it built who I am as an artist today." When she turned 21, she discovered the club scene in Atlantic City, which molded her artistry even further. "That's when I became free to express who I really am. I'm proud to tell people I'm from Atlantic City. It doesn't get cooler than that!"

You've got to know your worth.
-- Natasha

Her latest record project is part of a collection of material produced by K-Mack (Missy Elliot, Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige), and it's been all the buzz for months. "Most of the songs like 'Riddle Me This,' are about empowering yourself and really knowing your worth - not settling for less." Natasha has built excitement and anticipation of her new release through a series of YouTube videos called the Natasha Diaries, making her fans crazy with anticipation. The album, she says, "reflects my personality—who I am as a person. It's edgy and fun. I'm so excited. I've been busting my butt for this moment!"

It shows. Natasha breathes pure fire into these songs, and then creates total chaos when she takes the stage and performs with a swagger and passion that few others possess. Her style and attitude are irresistible. What inspires such creativity?

"My mom and dad. My family. My friends. My fans, " said Natasha. "Everyone's stood beside me. I love them all."

In addition, Natasha continues her role as a worldwide spokes model for Ultima Hair products.

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